Being polite in Brazil

Being polite in Brazil. Por favor, pode me passar o sal?

Hey guys, how are you?
Well, on our Video Dica today we will talk about cordiality expressions, meaning, polite expressions that we use everyday while being polite in Brazil. So, let’s see here:

When we want to ask something to someone, we use the expression Por Favor. So, for example, I need an information:

Examples using Por Favor

Por favor, você pode me dar uma informação?
Please, could you give me an information?

Por favor, você pode pegar aquele livro pra mim?
Could you please grab that book for me?

So I use, Por Favor, when I am being polite in Brazil, ok? So, let’s go to the next one? When we enter a place, when we want to get somewhere but someone is blocking the way or when we want to stop a conversation, we use com licença. So check it out. I am entering this room, with many people, and I’ll say com licença and I’ll sit down, I will talk to someone. When I’m going somewhere and there’s someone blocking my way, I say:

Examples using Com Licença

Com licença, posso passar?
Excuse me, can I go through?

Com licença, posso falar com você?
Excuse me, can I talk to you?

Com licença, posso dar uma opinião sobre este assunto?
Excuse me, can I give an opinion on this matter?

Ok? So, also when we want to thank someone for a favor or for a compliment for example, I ask for an information:

Examples using Obrigado

Estrangeiro: Por favor, você pode me dar uma informação? Onde fica a Rio & Learn?
Carioca: Olha, fica em Copacabana, na Rua Siqueira Campos, número 16.
Estrangeiro: Ah, muito, muito, muito obrigado!

Foreigner: Please, can you give me an information? Where is Rio & Learn?
Carioca: Look, it is in copacabana, at Siqueira Campos street, number 16.
Foreigner: Oh, thank you very, very much!

When I want to thank someone for a compliment. Someone tells me:

Estudante: Moisés, eu gosto das suas aulas de Português. Eu acho as Vídeo Dicas muito interessantes. Eu aprendo muito!
Moisés: Ok, muito obrigado!

Student: Moisés, I like your Portuguese classes. I think the Video Dicas are very interesting. I learn a lot!
Moisés: Ok, thank you very much!

So, Obrigado is for men, And for women, they’ll say  obrigada or muito obrigada, ok?

So that’s it people! Now we know the words for being polite in Brazil.  We will finish here. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, since next week is already Christmas. So, Merry christmas to you all, and may you all have a great and peaceful day, ok?

So we will see you on our next Video Dica.
Tight hug!

Bye bye

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