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At Rio & Learn, learning Portuguese is both innovative and fast. Rio & Learn gives you the chance to learn Portuguese while enjoying Rio de Janeiro to the full: sunkissed beaches, evocative samba, spectacular views, rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, vibrant people… Choose to learn Portuguese while having the experience of your life. You simply have to learn by living.


Our brains are full of information, and we have a huge capacity to learn far more when we feel at ease and engaged. The more contented we are, the easier we learn!


Our learning method is centred on learning by living, expressing yourself in Portuguese 24 hours a day, and enjoying our Cidade Maravilhosa. The best way to learn a language is by fully immersing your senses: to see, to hear, and to feel life through another language.

Can you imagine how what it would be like learning Portuguese in Brazil?

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“I had fun and learned so much. It was amazing!” Find out what our students get up to every day by following their posts at RioLIVE! Discover Brazilian life and Rio de Janeiro while you learn Portuguese

Tasting Brazilian cachaça

Celebration of Brazilian culture

The activity at the São Cristóvão Fair was wonderful! Being able to get to know a bit of Northeastern culture by tasting typical food, dancing and also drinking traditional cachaça is a good way to enjoy a Friday night. It was even better singing karaoke and interacting with my schoolmates.

example of june festival in brazil: meus amigos aproveitaram a festa junina!

Festa Junina in Brazil

Picture a night sky in June, alive with the sounds of friends and family. They’re together around a warm bonfire. Overhead, paper lanterns, known as “balões,” shine down on happy faces. This is a Festa Junina in Brazil, a top cultural festival in Brazil. It signals the start of the harvest and

Mureta da Urca in Rio

A nice and picturesque neighborhood

The visit to the Urca neighborhood was wonderful. Spending the afternoon in this place is truly a magical experience! First on the beautiful red beach with good drinks and lots of sun. Then walking around the neighborhood, admiring the views and enjoying the sunset while speaking Portuguese with my schoolmates!