1994 World Cup

1994 World Cup. A Copa de 1994 foi quarto título da Seleção Brasileira.

What’s up, galera! Let’s learn more about football!
Today we will talk about the 1994 World Cup, the Brazilian fourth title in this tournament. Check this out!

1994 World Cup

This tournament has a special taste for Brazil because the team was coming from long twenty-four years without any world title since the last one in 1970, in Mexico. The 1994 World Cup was hosted in United States from June 17th to July 17th, 1994. Despite the host nation’s lack of a national top-level football league, the tournament was the most financially successful in World Cup history; it broke the World Cup average attendance record with nearly 69,000 spectators per game, a mark that still stands.

Groups and Countries

[one_third]Group A

United States
Colombia[/one_third][one_third]Group B

Cameroon[/one_third][one_third_last]Group C

South Korea

[one_third]Group D

Greece[/one_third][one_third]Group E

Republic of Ireland
Norway[/one_third][one_third_last]Group F

Saudi Arabia

Notice that in this world cup there were 6 groups. The number of groups increased in the 1982 World Cup so it’s old news. But the 1994 World Cup had its own news. The number of points per victory changed to 3, which until 1990 each victory was worth 2 points. Also, there was a very technological improvement in the medical assistance system. An electric powered cart was implemented to help taking injured football players from the field.

Problems before the World Cup

The 1994 World Cup was special for many different facts. Romário was the star of the team, main player and top scorer, but during the qualifying matches, he didn’t have a good relationship with the coach Carlos Alberto Parreira and his staff, so Romário wasn’t called during a long time. In the last qualifying match against Uruguay, the Brazilian team had to win, otherwise it would be out of the tournament.

Parreira saw himself pressured and obligated to call Romário who was doing a great season at his club, Barcelona. He scored two goals that qualified Brazil for one more World Cup, let’s see it:

Romário was considered the most important player in Brazilian team in the 1994 World Cup, scoring 5 goals in 7 matches.

The Road to the Title

After passing the group stage and eliminating the hosts United States at the round of sixteen, Brazil was the only South American team at the quarter-finals and consequently the only one left at the tournament. Beating The Netherlands at the quarter-final and Sweden at semi-final in two very emotional matches, the Brazilian team met Italy at the finals one more time, just like 1970.

But this time, it was a way tougher game that was decided at the penalty kicks with the goalkeeper Taffarel catching one and helping the team winning its fourth World Cup title. It was also special because it was the first World Cup ever decided on penalty kicks. Let’s see how that was:

Brazil’s 1994 world cup squad

If you don’t remember the positions in Portuguese, check out our Dica about Football Positions. Let’s also remember that just like Pelé in 1958, Ronaldo was called to be part of the team with 17 years old. He didn’t have the chance to play, but he could feel the vibe and get ready for tournaments to come.

1 Goleiro Taffarel
2 Lateral direito Jorginho
3 Zagueiro Ricardo Rocha
4 Zagueiro Ronaldão
5 Meio campo Mauro Silva
6 Lateral esquerdo Branco
7 Atacante Bebeto
8 Meio campo Dunga
9 Meia Zinho
10 Meia Raí
11 Atacante Romário
12 Goleiro Zetti
13 Zagueiro Aldair
14 Lateral direito Cafu
15 Zagueiro Marcio Santos
16 Lateral esquerdo Leonardo
17 Meio campo Mazinho
18 Meia Paulo Sérgio
19 Atacante Muller
20 Atacante Ronaldo
21 Atacante Viola
22 Goleiro Gilmar

How about a quick exercise?

Now it’s your turn!

Answer the questions according to the Dica:

  1. Onde foi realizada a Copa do Mundo de 1994?
  2. Por que Romário não havia sido convocado?
  3. Havia mais seleções da América do Sul além do Brasil nas quartas de final?
  4. Contra quem o Brasil jogou a final?
  5. O que de especial aconteceu na final?

That’s it! We learned about the fourth Brazilian 1994 World Cup Title. Stay tuned for more Dicas subscribing at A Dica do Dia or following us at our Pinterest page.

Bye, bye!
Hugs from Rio & Learn!

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  1. Estados Unidos
  2. Ele não tinha uma boa relação com o treinador da seleção brasileira.
  3. Não. O Brasil foi a única seleção da América do Sul nas quartas de final.
  4. Itália.
  5. Foi a primeira final da história decidida nos pênaltis.

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