A Bad Knee Couldn’t Stop Us From Seeing

Foreiners visiting Chirst the Redeemer

Jesus Christ what a view! We had a great time travelling to Cristo Redentor with our faithful guide Diogo for RioLIVE! The weather was amazing and the vista is spectacular. It was a great day!

Ben Tippet, Australia

Trem do Corcovado.

Even a bad knee couldn’t stop us from seeing and admiring one of/maybe the most famous landmarks in Rio de Janeiro, Christ the redeemer. That was our RioLIVE! and it was special because one of our students was injured but it didn’t stop him visiting the place. Great views, awesome pictures and lots of conversations in Portuguese. A perfect afternoon that even with a bad couldn’t stop us to see Christ the redeemer!

Cristo Redentor no Rio de Janeiro

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Posando no Cristo Redentor

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