A beautiful trail: Dois Irmãos hill

The best connection

The trail of Dois Irmãos was a climb on the stairway to heaven!A beautiful trail in the jungle like vegetation all the way to the top. A real treat for people who enjoy hiking! Even in the clouds with no view, the trip was very satisfying. And if there is no view, fear not! Patience is virtue, the clouds will go and the amazing view of Ipanema will open before your eyes.

Lucas da Costa, Denmark.

Starting the trail

Hiking the Dois Irmãos trail in Rio de Janeiro is more than an outdoor adventure, it’s a journey that awakens all the senses and feeds the soul with the vibrant energy of the city and nature. As you venture along the winding paths that meander through the hillsides, it’s like immersing yourself in a world apart, where time seems to slow down and every step is an opportunity to absorb the beauty around you. The Dois Irmãos trail is not just about the physical journey. It’s also about the human connections you form along the way.

Between the worlds

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Great view

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