A Bit Grey But Still Beautiful

Un día un poco gris pero lindo en la Lagoa.

Gestern waren wir mir RioLIVE! in Lagoa. Wir haben den Catacumba Park besucht und dort nach einer kurzen Wanderung den grandiosen Ausblick genossen. Danach haben wir das Ganze Rio-typisch mit ein paar gemeinsamen Bieren ausklingen lassen.

Till Tuomas Mobius, Germany.

Fun times with this crew! 🙂

The weather was a bit grey but still beautiful here in Rio de Janeiro, however, this is not a problem for our Portuguese students. They visited Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The first part of our activity was visiting Parque da Catacumba, a natural park with amazing nature, small hikes and great views of the neighborhood. After spending some good time there, we went to the second part of the activity, enjoying the lagoon. It was raining a little bit but no problem for us, we chilled in front of the lagoon, had some beers and practiced our Portuguese, of course!

A bit grey but still beautiful.

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A bit grey but still beautiful
The best way to finish this visit is with some nice beers! Cheers!

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