A Cloudy But a Beautiful Day

Un nublado pero lindo día en el Jardín Botánico de Río de Janeiro.
A Cloudy but A Beautiful day. Foreigners at Botanical Garden
They know how to have fun!

브라질에 오기전 부터 추천관광지로 jardim botanico에 대해 많이 들었고, 그런곳에 직접가게 되어 많은 기대가 되었다. 듣기로 jardim botanico는 200년이 넘은 유서깊은 식물원이며 한국에서는 보기힘든 다양한 열대식물들을 볼 수 있다. 계곡이 있고 원숭이가 살 정도로 거대하며 관심을 가지고 본다면 하루만에 다 못 볼 정도이다. 리우에 왔다면 꼭 가야될 관광지이며 RioLIVE!와 함께 포어공부도하고 비용도 절약하며 안전하게 여행하길 추천한다!!

Dong Wook Kim, South Korea

A Cloud But a Beautiful Day. Tourists visiting Jardim Botânico
They have the power!

Many people don’t like cloudy days in Rio. But with our RioLIVE! Activities you can have a cloudy but a beautiful day here, what about spending it at one of the prettiest places of the city, The Botanical Garden. That’s what we did, our Portuguese students visited this great place where they could learn more about the carioca’s nature, plants, history and also practice their Portuguese.

It was also awesome for them to walk around the place and getting to know each other even more since some of them don’t talk at school so much because they are from different groups. RioLIVE! is perfect for them to interact more, the perfect way to spend a cloudy but a beautiful day. See more on our Facebook page:

Pretty nice, isn’t it? Come to our school and join us next time!

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