A Derby Full of Emotions!

Flamengo x Vasco at Maracanã

On Sunday we went to Maracanã to watch the derby between Flamengo and Vasco . As an avid football fan this was easily the the most intense game in terms of atmosphere that I have ever attended . The Flamengo and Vasco fans sang so loud that I imagine the players would’ve struggled to hear themselves on the pitch. Unfortunately for Diogo Flamengo scored a late winner to the delight of the majority Flamengo fans (70,000 attended). After the the game we even witnessed pure hooliganism. Some fans weren’t happy with the outcome but police and the privade security could manage the situation quickly. After some minutes waiting we could leave the stadium safely.

Marcello Riley, New Zealand

Derby mtaches in Rio de Janeiro

RioLIVE! Weekend Football at Maracanã gave us a derby full of emotions. Besides the tension inside the stadium with Flamengo x Vasco playing, the energy and rivalry were high too outside Maracanã. But this made our students even more excited about this experience. Besides watching the match, we also practiced our Portuguese with local fans and exchanged stories about football experiences in their respective countries. Flamengo won in the end but we had a tight match and a derby full of emotions!

Football fans in Rio de Janeiro

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First time at Maracanã

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