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example of superlative in portuguese: o rio de janeiro Γ© a melhor cidade do mundo!

Superlative in Portuguese

What’s up? Is everything alright? Ready to learn Portuguese online? Today’s Dica is about the uses of the superlative in Portuguese. But what is a superlative after all? In your opinion, what is the best city in the world? We hope you thought about Rio! To …
example of tupi language: o povo tupi vivia na regiΓ£o litorΓ’nea!

Tupi Language

Hi there! Are you ready to get to know more about Brazilian culture? Today’s Dica will be all about Tupi, an ancient indigenous language! Did you know that many words in Portuguese have their origins in this language? But what, exactly, does it mean ”tupi” …
museum in rio: niemeyer museum

Museums in Rio

Hello there, Portuguese fans! Are you ready to learn Portuguese online with us one more time? Today, we celebrate International Museum Day, so we brought you a brand-new Dica! We are here to show you the best museums you can find in Rio de Janeiro! …
Oxum en Brasil: O dia de oxum me deixa tΓ£o feliz!

Oxum Day

December 8th is a very important day in Brazil for followers of African-based religions Umbanda and CandomblΓ©. It is the day of Oxum (also known as Oshun), one of the important entities of these religions. Today we are going to learn more about these African …
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