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learn about zumbi dos palmares and quilombo meaning

Quilombo Meaning

Hi there! Do you know the quilombo meaning? Well, today we will talk all about this amazing part of the Brazilian history! Learn who was Zumbi dos Palmares, and its relationship with the quilombo that had his name. Also, let’s learn more about what is…

restaurants in rio: learn more about rio, a dica do dia, rio & learn

Restaurant in Portuguese

Hello friends! We’ve already learned about different types of restaurants in Brazil. But today we will dive deeper in this matter, taking a closer look at theΒ restaurant in Portuguese. Let’s learn about how to get the attention of the staff in a restaurant, and also…

saint cosmas and damian in brazil: learn about their feast day and much more about brazilian culture

Cosmas and Damian in Brazil

Hi there! Every country has a well-known holiday of its own, right? We all know that the United States celebrates Halloween, and Mexico celebrates Dia de los Muertos. But did you know that Brazil has its own kind of Halloween in September? Come learn more…

examples about dances in brazil: A Pedra do Sal é o berço do samba!

Dances from Brazil

Hello, how are you doin’? Today’s Dica do Dia will be all about Brazilian culture. If you’re familiar with samba or funk, you’re already familiar with Brazilian music! But what about the accompanying dance moves? Are the Brazilian dances different from those in other countries?…

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