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Common Pets in Brazil: o gato Γ© preto e branco.

Pets in Brazil

4 de November de 2021

Hi, people! How are you? Today we are going to learn aboutΒ pets in Brazil. Do you know how we say pets in Portuguese? It’s animais de estimação. It’s also important to notice that we are going to see…


Conditional Perfect in Portuguese

18 de October de 2021

Hello there! Today we will talk about Conditional Perfect in Portuguese, which is the continuation of other two topics: Present Perfect and Future Perfect. But what is the Conditional Perfect in…

Ejemplo del futuro compuesto en portuguΓ©s.

Future Perfect in Portuguese

18 de October de 2021

Hello everybody! Today we will be learning the equivalent to the Future Perfect in Portuguese, also called “Futuro do Presente Composto do Indicativo”. This is the future version of another Dica we ha…


Ter Present Tense Portuguese

11 de October de 2021

Welcome to another Dica do dia! This time, let’s talk a little bit more about Ter Present Tense in Portuguese and show you some examples. Do you remember this verb? Present tense of the Verb “To have”…