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How do Brazilians like their coffee?

How do Brazilians like their coffee? Hello friends! Today our video Dica will be about how Brazilians like their coffee: with sweetener or sugar? Don’t forget to check our video from last week: Coffee in Brazil Vocabulary words to practice   We hope you liked our Dica for…

coffee, in portuguese café

Brazilian Coffee

Hello friends! In our Dica today, we’ll talk about Brazilian Coffee and the best Brazilian coffee brands. Did you know that Brazil has a long history of coffee? And also many different types of coffee? Our coffee grows in many different regions, from Santos to…

Los brasileños hablando inglés tienen un acento gracioso.

Brazilian English Accent

Hello nice people! Today our Dica will talk about the Brazilian English Accent. If you are a foreigner, you may have encountered difficulty communicating with Brazilians in English. Why is that? Brazilian English Accent Seems like people consider Brazilians to have a strong accent when…

Funk brasil. O Funk Brasileiro

Brazilian funk

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Brazilian Funk, a popular music genre here in Brazil! Talking about this type  of music we are also going to learn the different types of Brazilian funk music, we are going to teach you a Brazilian…

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