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museum in rio: niemeyer museum

Museums in Rio

Hello there, Portuguese fans! Are you ready to learn Portuguese online with us one more time? Today, we celebrate International Museum Day, so we brought you a brand-new Dica! We are here to show you the best museums you can find in Rio de Janeiro!…

Oxum en Brasil: O dia de oxum me deixa tΓ£o feliz!

Oxum Day

December 8th is a very important day in Brazil for followers of African-based religions Umbanda and CandomblΓ©. It is the day of Oxum (also known as Oshun), one of the important entities of these religions. Today we are going to learn more about these African…


Prefer in Portuguese

OlΓ‘! How are you doing? Today we are going to study the verb prefer in Portuguese. We will take a look at this verb in the present tense, and observe how it works with some examples. Are you ready? Β  The Verb to Prefer in…

Ejemplo de SinΓ³nimos en portuguΓ©s. Esta comida Γ© deliciosa. Esta comida Γ© saborosa.

Portuguese Synonyms

Hello there! Are you ready to study with us today? We bring you a brand new Dica about Portuguese synonyms! Let’s understand more about this subject and expand our vocabulary. Synonyms designate words that are similar to other words. The term β€œsynonym” comes from the…

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