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brazilian drinks: sai para experimentar uma nova cachaรงa


Hi there, folks! Today we are going to learn about one of the most famous Brazilian alcoholic drinks: cachaรงa! Do you know what is cachaรงa made from? And also, what does it mean when we say itโ€™s aged or silver? We will show you the…


Different ways to call the waiter in Brazil

Different ways to call the waiter in Brazil Hi there! Ourย Video Dica is about something we canโ€™t remain without in a restaurant. Listen to the different ways to call the waiter in Brazil, our great friend! Hi guys! My name is Igor and today and…


Snacks in Brazil

Whatโ€™s up guys?ย Today weโ€™re going to talk about the different kinds of snacks in Brazil. From Brazilian chips made out of mandioc to banana pudding, Brazil has a lot of incredible snacks for you to get to know! But when we talk about salty snacks,…


Brazilian Beach Food

Good morning, friends! Brazil is well known for its beaches and idyllic landscapes. But have you ever stopped to think about what Brazilians might eat on the beach? After all, for many people, the beach is an outing that lasts practically the whole day, so…

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