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Brazilian Street Food

Good morning friends of Dica! Is there anyone here that’s hungry? Eating in Brazil is something really easy to do, but when it comes to eating in the streets, there will always be something you must try. Today in our video Dica, we will talk about Brazilian street food….

Expresión para dar o pedir ayuda en portugués. Echar una mano en Portugués dar uma mãozinha help in portuguese

Help in Portuguese

Hello guys of A Dica do Dia! Do you know how to ask for Help in Portuguese? Today we are going to study ways of asking for Help in Portuguese and some expressions that we also use. Ask for help in Portuguese The word ajuda means Help in…

La Samba brasileña en portugués: O Samba.

Samba in Brazil

Hello friends! Today, we are going to talk about Samba in Brazil! Samba is the name of a dance and a musical genre, and it’s one of the elements that most strongly represents the Brazilian popular culture in several parts of the country. We have…

Como pedir um café en Brasil 5 Formas diferentes de pedir un café en Brasil de más formal a más informal: Por favor, você poderia me trazer um café? Queria um café, por favor. Eu quero um café. Me vê um café. Um cafezinho!

How to order coffee in Brazil

Hello friends! Today we are going learn more about coffee. If you would like to learn how to order coffee in Brazil or in Portuguese, our Dica for today will help you! Learn how to order a coffee in Brazil Coffee is a very important…

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