A different RioLIVE! but a great night!

Samba na Praça Tiradentes

On Friday night we went to a Samba street party in Rio’s famous downtown district! There was a big live band, lots of food and drink vendors and a great atmosphere. It was so much fun to meet people and practice my Portuguese and samba skills, both of which I believe are much better after one (or four) caipirinhas.

Molly Smith, England

Samba no Rio de Janeiro

Last Friday we attended a different RioLIVE! but we had a great night! Our students visited the famous samba party in Praça Tiradentes, a square located downtown where lots of people gather to enjoy good music, food, drinks and a nice atmosphere. Even the cold weather and drizzle stops us from enjoying this evening. In the end everybody was happy, satisfied and this different RioLIVE! is totally recommendable and approved!

Sexta à noite no Rio

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