A fun beach volley moment

A beach volley match in copacabana

On Tuesday RioLive! took us just steps away from the world famous Copacabana beach. There are many beach volleyball nets set up there and we played some games. Our teacher Lucas knew the rules very well and taught us how to play. It is much harder than it looks and we were mostly quite bad, but it was so much fun. We also did some yoga on the beach after the game and watched the sunset. Next stop: Paris 2024!

Sam Gunning, England

pessoas jogando volley em copacaba

The beach volleyball was fun, amusing and a good physical and mental exercise. We all had a nice time on a Tuesday afternoon. Of course, we had a little healthy competition to see who would be the winner of the match. LoL. But in the end, nobody won and we just had good laughs and good times.

sports at copacabana beach

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