A grand historical treasure

Afternoon coffee at Confeitaria Colombo - RJ

Yesterday the RioLIVE! team consisting of Prahn, Alejandro, Victoria and Professor Diogo visited the historic Cafe Colombo in Downtown Rio de Janeiro. We tasted well-known Brazilian sweets such as Quindim, Brigadeiro, and Mil Folhas de Doce de Leite. With rain pouring outside, a nice espresso with Brazilian sweets was a great break from the heavy rain. And it was an amazing way to end the day with some authentic Brazilian culture and practicing some intercultural exchange with our burgeoning Portuguese skills.

Victoria Basulto, United States

Doces na confeitaria colombo.

Visiting Confeitaria Colombo in Rio de Janeiro is like stepping into a grand historical treasure. Located in downtown Rio, this café delights visitors with its opulent Belle Époque décor and a tempting array of desserts. From creamy brigadeiros to delicate pastries filled with guava or coconut, each treat combines European sophistication with Brazilian flavors. Sipping on freshly brewed Brazilian coffee amidst the elegant ambiance, you can’t help but marvel at the stained glass windows, ornate mirrors, and grand chandeliers. Whether you’re enjoying their famous bolo de rolo or a slice of another decadent cake, every bite at Confeitaria Colombo is a tribute to Brazil’s culinary heritage and timeless charm.

Stop by confeitaria colombo in Rio

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