A Journey through Porto Maravilha

Visiting a fascinating museum

Me gustó mucho la actividad, me pareció que visitar el museo da manhana ha sido algo diferente al resto de actividades que había hecho hasta el momento, es un lugar muy interesante de visitar tanto desde el punto arquitectonico, (arquitecto español Santiago Calatrava), como el contenido del museo, el cual te permite reflexionar sobre el futuro próximo que estamos construyendo! SUPER RECOMENDABLE

Guadalupe Garcia, Spain

Porto maravilha in Rio

Yesterday, our journey was to Porto Maravilha! It wasn’t too hot or too cold, so the day was perfect for a walk around the port area in Rio. We visited the Mural das Etnias, which was this beautiful enormous wall painted for the Olympics to represent different cultures. We also got to try some street churros (the best in my opinion) and popcorn. The museum was the star of the show; it really informed us about how our actions impact our future on the planet.

Mural of Ethnicities

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Brazilian churros

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