A new experience for all of us!

Forró no Rio de Janeiro

When it comes to learning a language, immersing oneself in the local culture can be just as important as studying vocabulary and grammar. During our Portuguese language study with Rio & Learn, we decided to take a leap into the vibrant world of forró dance classes for our RioLIVE! Activity, not only to improve our language skills but also to connect with Brazil’s rich culture on a deeper level. Forró is a typical dance that comes from the northeast region of the country and has African roots. The contagious rhythms of forró music immediately enveloped the room as our instructor Sarah, a passionate Brazilian dancer, welcomed us warmly and introduced us to the basics of the typical dance. The combination of lively accordion melodies and the beat of the zabumba drum had us spinning around the room and creating connections with our fellow classmates. It was a fun time and I’m very much looking forward to learning more typical dances during my time in Brazil.

Matthew Bocanumenth, United States

Curtindo um forró no Rio.

This RioLIVE! Forró class was a new experience for all of us. We welcomed a Forró teacher who was new to both Rio & Learn and the students who were trying this rhythm for the first time. The instructor was new but the joy and the pleasure learning this dance was the same. They could learn the steps easily and after a little while, they were ready to dance with their parnters! A great new experience for all of us!

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