A New Point of View from Dois Irmãos

Getting a new point of view from this amazing place!

The experience I had yesterday on the hike was truly memorable. The road to arrive at our destination — including the beauty of the favela, the fun and fulfilling conversations had, and the adventurous hike through the green mountainous region — all of this culminated in the breathtaking moment we made it to the top and overlooked the splendor that is Rio de Janeiro. The experience was truly spectacular, and one I will remember for years to come.

Kristen Cheriegate, Unites States

Amazing people and amazing view!

Our Portuguese students had a new point of view from dois irmãos with our RioLIVE! We say that because most of them had a specific idea about the city, but going up the mountain, passing by the favela do Vidigal, enjoying nature, we realized the city is not only partying and the beach. Besides admiring the views, taking good pictures at the top of the mountain. We loved seeing how regular cariocas live in a regular neighborhood such as Vidigal and practicing their Portuguese, of course. A great day with nature, Portuguese and a new point of view from dois irmãos.

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What a beautiful view!

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