A night with Forró at Feira de São Cristóvão

Uma noite com Forró na Feira de São Cristóvão
A night with forró at Feira de São Cristóvão
Our Portuguese students ready to enjoy!

On Firday night, we went to Feira de São Cristovão – what a wonderful experience! We listened to two bands playing simultaneously while eating food which is typical from the North of Brazil. It was amazing to experience their culture and watch everyone coming together for a fun night. There is also plenty of shopping as well. A highly recommended activity to do!

Leigh Ann Williams, United States

A night with Forró at Feira de São Cristóvão
Having a typical northeastern dinner is one of the options to take the most of Feira de São Cristóvão.

It was almost Christmas time in Rio de Janeiro. But our students spent a night with forró at Feira de São Cristóvão before eating turkeys and handing presents with their families and friends. We visited this place that is considered the home of the northeastern culture in Rio de Janeiro, a good place to buy typical products, dance, eat, have fun and most important, speaking Portuguese! That’s what we did in this great RioLIVE!

A night with Forró at Feira de São Cristóvão.
Our forró dancers showing how they do it!

A great night to start the holidays celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. Do not wait, come to Rio & Learn and take in our RioLIVE! Activities.

Check out all the amazing pictures we got on our Facebook page and join us next time!

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