What does Tá mean in Portuguese?

What’s up, Video guys! Are you ok? What does Tá mean in Portuguese?
Well, in our Dica today, we are going to talk about the word Tá.

The word Tá comes from the verb estar (to be) and we use it in different contexts.

Tá with location

For example, today we are going to talk about the word tá in a location context:

A gente  na Praia de Copacabana.
We are at Copacabana Beach.

A gente no Rio de Janeiro.
We are in Rio de Janeiro.

Ela  no trabalho agora.
She is at work now.

Tá with adjectives

Another way of using the word Tá is with an adjective.

João feliz.
João is happy.

Marina triste.
Marina is sad.

Ela animada para estudar português na Rio & Learn.
She is excited to study Portuguese at Rio & Learn Portuguese School.

Tá with acceptance

And we can also use the word tá with an agreeing idea, acceptance.
I am going to do a small dialogue. For example:

João: Amanhã, nós vamos sair cedo, José.
José: Tá!

João: Tomorrow, we are going to leave early, José.
José: Ok!

So, this is the usage of the word Tá
There are other contexts that we are going to see, but we know these ones already, Tá with a location idea, with adjetive and acceptance.

Ok, guys?
So, see you in our next Video Dica.

Big hug to you all!
Bye, bye from Rio de Janeiro!

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