A Rainy Afternoon of Samba in Mangueira

friends enjoying in carnival clothes

Yesterday I went to the Samba Museum with Lucas and some students. I would recommend this museum to anyone who wants to learn the history of samba. Exhibits including plaques about important people, art, a film and carnival costumes. Also, there is a selection to suit any costume. Overall it’s a great experience!

Trevor Moynaghcronin, United States

Learning about samba at the Samba Museum

On a rainy afternoon, we checked out the Samba Museum in Mangueira. Amidst laughter, we explored instruments and photos, learning about the history of samba. “It’s the samba they like the most…”, someone mentioned. The visit was cool, full of interesting facts about samba that we had no clue about. Even with the rain, it was worth it.

Talking about local history

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Enjoying a samba instrument

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