A spectacular journey in Rio de Janeiro

Boat tour around the Guanabara's Bay.

Fue muy agradable el paseo Marítimo organizado por RioLIVE!, personalmente lo disfrute al máximo, nos acompañó el sol, el guía (exelente). Mirar y disfrutar del mar, las montañas, los barcos, el castillo, las playas, la alegría de la gente; fué todo un espectáculo natural. Ame este paseo, gracias al programa de RioLive por la posibilidad de disfrutar momentos agradables.

Martha Erazo Bravo, Ecuador

Submarino Riachuelo - Marinha do Brasil

What a breathtaking view and a spectacular journey in Rio de Janeiro! We had an amazing adventure, and our students had an absolute blast. Martha was absolutely mesmerized by the panoramic view, and Guillermo was over the moon learning about Rio’s rich history and the epic battles Brazil has been a part of. And, we can’t forget, everyone fell in love with our tour guide, who kept us entertained and laughing every step of the way. This spectacular journey was simply sensational!

Visiting Ilha Fiscal in Rio de Janeiro 

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