A stroll around downtown Rio

A stroll around Rio downtown
A stroll around downtown Rio.
A stroll around downtown Rio.

Have you ever wanted to see an art exhibit or any other historical place in Rio? Yesterday we went on a tour and saw some museums and places that tell all about the history of Rio! At the end of the tour, we stopped on Ouvidor Street for some beers and a fun chat.

Christoper Yu, United States of America

This place is pure Portugal's cultural heritage.
This place is pure Portugal’s cultural heritage.

On one more RioLIVE! activity, we took our students for Rio to see more of the historical side of the city. The tour is a nice opportunity to leave the south zone. After learning a little about the history of the city, we went for a stroll around downtown Rio. The tour ended with a fun get-together on one of the street where people go meet after work for drinks and samba on Wednesdays: Ouvidor Street. Come with us next time on RioLIVE! Centro Walking Tour.

The colonial-style windows are a beauty.
The colonial-style windows are a beauty.


Inside Candelária church.
Inside Candelária church.

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