A taste of carnival at Salgueiro

Estudiantes en un mural de Salgueiro, Río de Janeiro.

Salgueiro samba school was an explosion of colour, dance, music, beautiful people and amazing costumes. It gave us real taster of what it would be like to celebrate carnival in this marvellous city. Beleza!

Imran Karmali, United Kingdom 


Students having fun at Salgueiro in Rio de Janeiro.

Last Saturday our RioLIVE! took our students to a samba school named Salgueiro. Our dear gringos and Salgueiro were a perfect match. They were impressed by the energy there. They could really have a taste of carnival at Salgueiro with all of the dancing, samba, singing and the incredible costumes. The students even danced a little bit, showing their Brazilian moves.

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Salgueiro's presentation at Salgueiro in Rio de Janeiro.
They dance soooo well!

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People with lion costumes. A taste of carnival at Salgueiro.

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