A tour through a historical Rio

Os alunos em um tour pelo Rio histórico.
Our students on a tour through a historical Rio.
Our students on a tour through a historical Rio.

Das Stadtzentrum von Rio de Janeiro zeigt viel von der Geschichte Brasiliens. So besuchten wir eine alte Biblothek voll mit portugiesischer Literatur. Außerdem gibt es viele Museen, die man sich gar nicht an einem einzigen Tag ansehen kann. Zum Schluss haben wir den Nachmittag bei einem Bierchen in einem der zahlreichen Bars beendet.

Christian Schroder, Germany

This spectactular Portuguese Reading Room houses more than 350,000 books.

Only a 15-minute trip from the south zone of the city, downtown Rio has become the developmental hub for the city. The whole area is full of museums, landmarks and restaurants. No visit to our city can be complete without a trip to downtown… and for RioLIVE! last wednesday we took our students on a tour through a historical Rio. Our student tour began with a trip to the Portuguese Reading Cabinet where students could see the majesty of the place full of books followed by more trips to Candelaria Church, Paço Imperial and other historical sites. Our gang ended the day with a pleasant chat on Ouvidor Street because on Wednesdays the street pumps with people leaving work for fun. Fun is what we had with our students yesterday. Got curious? Then you have to see it for yourself in our next RioLIVE! Rio Centro Walking Tour.

The old street has become a hub for many new bars in the downtown area.

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We’ve done a lot of walking there. Check out the links for more
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