A Volleyball On Fire

Volleyball on Copacabana beach

Heute haben wir Volleyball an der Copacabana gespielt und es hat echt Spaß gemacht. Ein paar Leute sind sogar spontan mit uns mitgekommen. Guter Tag

Till Alleweldt, Germany

playing volleyball with friends in Rio

As waves played percussion we found ourselves on Copacabana’s sandy “classroom.” A blend of laughter and Portuguese phrases filled the air as our students played our volleyball on fire. Amidst missed serves and triumphant spikes, the beach became our unconventional learning space. The sand, a challenging but comical opponent, taught us resilience. In the end, our shared joy and camaraderie turned a simple volleyball match into an unforgettable lesson in language and friendship.

people playing with our students

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friends having a fun time

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