A Windy Beach Volley

Students playng Beach volley at Copacabana

Mardi après-midi, nous sommes allés jouer du volleyball à la plage mythique de Copacabana. Aucun d’entre nous était très bon mais on s’est quand même bien amusés et on a surtout profité des belles couleurs du coucher de soleil sur ce panorama pittoresque!

Julien Durand, France

Students playing Beach volley at Copacabana

This Tuesday we had a great Beach Volley match! Our group was really enthusiastic to play this time, and before having a real match, we warmed our bodies up a little by playing in a circle with the ball.
At some moments the wind got in the way, but it didn’t stop us from having fun! And at the end, the sky gifted us with such beatiful colors.

Students playing Beach volley at Copacabana

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Students playing Beach volley at Rio de Janeiro

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