Adventure at Dois Irmãos

Adventure at Dois Irmãos

Adventure at Dois Irmãos.
Adventure at Dois Irmãos.

RIo and Lean/RioLIVE! はコパカバーナビーチにあり、ロケーションも良く、グループレッスンは午前中、午後には毎日違ったアクティビティをオーガナイズしてくれるとても楽しい語学学校です。私の様に短期間リオに滞在しながら少し語学にも触れたいという人には理想的です。リラックスした雰囲気の中で勉強出来ました。スタッフの皆さん、有難うございました。

Mina Mizuno, Japan.
Last RioLIVE! activity we had a lot of adventure at Dois Irmãos mountain. Have you ever heard about it before? There is an amazing view of the city from the top of the mountain. Certainly, it’s one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro.
Most of all, to get to the top, we had to do a long trail. But, the students were very excited to do it, so, we started our adventure in the Favela of Vidigal. This favela is a very famous place in Rio de Janeiro, because its location and for being the way to hike until Dois Irmãos.
sam_2650-rio-learn sam_2651-rio-learn sam_2652-rio-learn sam_2653-rio-learn sam_2648-rio-learn
Consequently, when we reached the top, our students from Scotland, Mexico, Australia and Japan, enjoyed too much the view. We could relax a little, practice portuguese and feeling the fresh air of the mountain. After that, we took many pics to register each unforgettable moment there.
sam_2660-rio-learn sam_2661-rio-learn sam_2662-rio-learn sam_2663-rio-learn sam_2664-rio-learn sam_2666-rio-learn sam_2667-rio-learn
Come to Rio & Learn and practice portuguese having a lot of fun!

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