Afternoon at Parque Lage

Afternoon at Parque Lage

Afternoon at Parque Lage.
Having fun in the nature at RioLIVE!

RioLIVE! is a great way to practice your Portuguese, meet new people and an open door to traditional/touristic carioca activities. My first experience with RioLIVE! was at Parque Lage, a beautiful and small park filled with history and nature. Amazing scenery and a perfect place to apparently place an art school. Yes, inside the park there´s an art school. Pablo, a teacher at Rio and Learn, accompanies you and gives wonderful explanations about the place your in as well as small facts from an authentic carioca. While attending classes on a regular basis is your theoretical part of learning, RioLIVE! is sort of like the practical part.

Nattannaella Verduga, United States.
Our students having fun at Parque Lage.
Our students having fun at Parque Lage.

With one more beautiful sunny afternoon in Rio de Janeiro, our RioLIVE! was a nice stroll at Parque Lage. We met at Rio & Learn Portuguese School and took the bus to this wonderful place. On the way there, we took some time to know each other and introduce ourselves.

When we arrived at Parque Lage, the students made many questions to about the history of the place and also to practice their Portuguese and take some grammar doubts. They were really amazed with the place, mainly with the fountain and the aquarium. Many times they said they were feeling like they were in a closed forest.
Come you too to explore the city of Rio de Janeiro and learn Portuguese with our RioLIVE! Activities.


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