Afternoon with football and Portuguese

Afternoon with football and Portuguese

Afternoon with football and Portuguese. Portuguese-students-ready-to-play-football
Our football players ready to have fun!

Participé del RioLIVE Fútbol en la playa y encontré una combinación increible entre la arena, el mar, la pelota, diversión, risas e interacción con personas de otros paises… todos con algo en común; FALANDO PORTUGUÊS!!!  Disfruté mucho de ese RioLIVE! Muito obrigada!!!

Florencia Bertarini – Argentina.


Afternoon with football and Portuguese. Showing-football-skills-and-practicing-portuguese
I think she can score this goal!

We spent our afternoon with football and Portuguese at Copacabana Beach. Football is like a religion in Brazil, a way of life, so our Portuguese students had the chance to practice this sport, their Portuguese and also have a lot of fun together.

img_20161129_1629073682-rio-learn img_20161129_1629109962-rio-learn img_20161129_163017843_hdr-rio-learn

We started our RioLIVE! with nice walk from Rio & Learn to Copacabana Beach, our students from United States, Israel, Argentina and Slovakia were already really excited to practice this activity. Before starting to play, they talked in Portuguese a lot to interact with each other, they made a lot of questions about Brazilian football and its history. Since most of them knew the rules, they split up in teams and started playing immediately. The interesting thing is that most of students were girls, so they could break the concept that football is a ‘masculine sport’ and show the girls’ power.

img_20161129_163822917_hdr-rio-learn img_20161129_163835413_hdr-rio-learn img_20161129_163847265_hdr-rio-learn

With each goal, they celebrated a lot, our student Rasko from Slovakia, even bought beers for the best scorers of the matches. It was definitely a great afternoon with football and Portuguese that we spent together. In the end, they were really happy and said that was one of the best RioLIVE! Activities that they took part so far.

img_20161129_163331403_hdr-rio-learn img_20161129_164446155-rio-learn img_20161129_165104459_hdr-rio-learn img_20161129_170654359_hdr-rio-learn portuguese-students-playing-football-and-having-fun-on-the-beach

What about you? What are you waiting for to study at Rio & Learn and have an afternoon with football and Portuguese with us? Come to our RioLIVE! Activities. 

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