Afternoon in Santa Teresa

Afternoon in Santa Teresa

Afternoon in Santa Teresa.
Afternoon in Santa Teresa.

Deze vrijdag gingen we naar Santa Teresa met RioLIVE!. We namen de bus de berg op waardoor we een prachtig uitzicht op Rio hadden. Daarna hebben we het treintje gezien dat over de Arcos de Lapa rijdt.Toen deze vertrok zijn wij doorgelopen naar Parque das Ruínas, een groot oud huis vol kunst en een prachtig uitzicht op de hele stad. Daarna hebben we een of twee (of drie…) caipirinhas gedronken in een bar waarna we weer terug liepen in het donker waardoor je duizenden lichtjes uit de stad kon zien.

Camilla Bodewes, Netherlands.
Portuguese students relaxing at Santa Teresa.
Portuguese students relaxing at Santa Teresa.
Last Friday we had a great afternoon in Santa Teresa. The neighborhood keeps a lot of things about the old city’s culture because it has big classical houses that make the place wonderful. Besides that, there is also Bondinho de Santa Teresa that is working again now and it has a lot of history too. Santa Teresa is a bohemian and cultural place at the same time.
We started our RioLIVE! at Largo do Curvelo, where our Portuguese students could see how the ferry works, for them it was totally different comparing to what they have seen so far. After that, we took walk around the place, having an afternoon with a lot of history about Rio de Janeiro. We also visited Parque das Ruínas, a very nice place with an amazing view where you can see Pão de Açúcar, Cristo Redentor, Downtown, Niterói and etc.
In the end, we arrived at Bar do Mineiro, a very traditional place that works as a meeting point for Cariocas. It was a very nice moment, we talked about how important it is to work hard to speak the language. Santa Teresa was amazing!
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