Afternoon of capoeira and fun in Copacana

Activité charmante, intéressante pour découvrir l’histoire de la capoeira, et connaitre quelques basiques des mouvements, mais aussi de la musique!

Ariel Roffé, France

Students learning about rythm from the Capoeira intructor in this great afternoon of capoeira and fun

Gather round for an afternoon of capoeira and fun with Mestre Eudes, in Copacabana! In our RioLIVE!, this afternoon, it all began with a brief lecture from the instructor. He told the students all about the history of capoeira in Brazil and in the world. We did a vocal and physical warm-up and went to practice everything we had learned in theory. We ended the lesson with the basic dance moves. We played the berimbau, the tambourine, and used that opportunity to speak Portuguese! Well, to summarize, great moments filled with joy and happiness…

2 students practicing capoeira moves. Enjoyn an afternoon of capoeira and fun.

Check out more pictures from this amazing afternoon of capoeira and fun on our Facebook Page:

Just to give you guys another small taste of what we did on our RioLIVE! Capoeira, we prepared a video compilation, with background music that is pure Rio! A song called Berimbau, composed by the King of Bossa Nova Vinícius de Moraes.  See it for yourself and get ready to join us next time. It would be our pleasure to have you with us!

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