Amazing and radical sunday

Amazing and radical sunday

Student flying over Rio
Kenneth flying over the city.

RioLIVE! de ce dimanche fut a mon avis le meilleur, faire asa delta fut une experience de plus sur Rio que je n oublierais jamais. Certe, le prix est un peu eleve mais en vaut la peine 🙂

Caroline Michaux, Belgium.

We had an amazing and radical sunday flying by Asa delta through the sky of Rio de Janeiro.

Amazing and radical sunday
Caroline walking to the flight

Our activity began in front of Rio & Learn where the driver Rafael picked us up and then we went to São Conrado. We had a lot of fun along the way because the students talked in portuguese with the driver and admired the city.

Upon arriving in São Conrado, we were greeted by the Asa delta team of Best Fly Rio. They asked us to wait a little bit because of the weather. There were many clouds covering up the ramp.

We took some pictures and practice Portuguese to pass the time. Kenneth drank a good “gelada” to calm the nerves. Caroline preferred snack.

Kenneth and Caroline taking pics
Kenneth and Caroline taking pics
asa delta
Kenneth, Caroline and Kaio waiting for the clouds leave

We reached the ramp and started to prepare to the flight. After a few seconds..

asa delta
Airplane? Bird? No, It’s Kenneth HAWK
Caroline practicing befofe the flight
Opening the wings over the city
Time to make radical maneuvers
Time to make radical maneuvers

The students felt a lot of adrenaline with this unforgettable experience. They were able to admire the Rio from a wonderful view.

rio de janeiro
Happiness after the great experience
asa delta
Kenneth thanking his instructor

Come to Rio & Learn to practice Portuguese having fun in our RioLIVE! activities !

Photos: Best Fly Rio

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