An Electric Surprise at Dois Irmãos

friends having fun in Rio de Janeiro

It was a good turnout for the Dois Irmãos Hike, and rightfully so – the RioLIVE! event was a true adventure. We hiked through a dense rainforest and even spotted two wild monkeys, swinging through the branches. As we conquered the steep trail, the panorama revealed the sprawling favela of Vidigal and the coastal stretch from Leblon to Ipanema beach, rewarding our efforts with breathtaking views. The shortcut on the route back down lead us through a windy path within the favella which gave us a close-up glimpse of a different lifestyle. This experience certainly offered an enjoyable setting to immerse ourselves in Portuguese, with great company.

Juley Vuong, Australia

posing for a photo in Rio de Janeiro

On an afternoon hike through the hills of the Vidigal favela, the Dois Irmãos mountain navigated steep paths filled with surprises. Upon reaching the summit, the atmosphere shifted, and the blue sky became cloudy and lightning was all around us. What began as a simple trail turned into a thrilling adventure, where nature revealed its unpredictable side.

Morro Dois Irmãos, Rj

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