An eye-opening journey!

Visiting a a favela in Rio de Janeiro

O tour Santa Marta foi muito interessante. Particularmente eu gostei de aprender sobre a economia informal da comunidade. Também eu gostei que o tour incluiu entrar uma casa autêntica da comunidade. Obrigado à RioLIVE! por organizar esta oportunidade!

Sean Toal, Unites States

Michael Jackson statue in Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Going on an eye-opening journey with a Santa Marta Favela tour, where we discovered the stark yet fascinating differences between this vibrant community and the affluent South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. As our students explored the colorful streets and interact with locals, we could witness the resourcefulness and resilience of Santa Marta residents in the face of challenges. Contrasting with the luxurious amenities of the South Zone, the favela offers a tight-knit community, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant street art. We also loved the chance of visiting the spot where Michael Jackson filmed his videoclip and took pictures with his statue!

Guided tour in Rio de Janeiro.

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