An unforgettable experience

Fla x Flu at Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro

Visiting the Maracanã was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Rio de Janeiro. The grandeur of the stadium and the energy of the fans set the tone for a very good soccer match. The Fla x Flu derby was hotly contested both on and off the pitch, with the crowd singing and motivating their team in any way they could! In the end, Flamengo came out with the win and I was very happy and satisfied with the experience; thank you Diogo and Rio & Learn for this day!

Telley Taylor, United States

Vitória do Flamengo no Maracanã - RJ

Watching a Fla x Flu match at Maracanã is an unforgettable experience. The stadium pulses with anticipation as Flamengo’s red and black clashes with Fluminense’s green, white, and grená. Fans’ chants and cheers create a vibrant atmosphere where every pass and shot is met with collective gasps or jubilant roars. It’s more than a game; it’s a cultural spectacle where rivalries are played out amidst moments of unity and shared passion. Maracanã transforms into a melting pot of emotions, where strangers become comrades bound by their love for their clubs and the beautiful game.

Football in Brazil - RJ

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