Anderson Varejão. Anderson Varejão é um dos jogadores mais importantes do basquete brasileiro.

What’s up, guys! Today we will talk about Anderson Varejão, a very famous Brazilian basketball player who has had a successful international career both in Europe and with the NBA.

Basketball Player Varejão

Anderson França Varejão was born on September 28th 1982. He became a professional basketball player, playing for several different teams across the globe, including in the NBA.  A 13 year veteran of the National Basketball Association (NBA), he spent 12 seasons playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers before moving to the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Varejão was also a regular member of the Brazilian national team, winning a gold medal in 2003 at the Pan American Games.

Anderson Varejão started his career in 1998 playing for Franca Basquetebol in São Paulo, after a successful season (2001-2002) with an average of 17.7 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3 blocks per game, he moved to FC Barcelona Bàsquet in January of 2002. After two years playing in Barcelona and winning two national leagues, one Copa del Rey and one Euroleague. The latter being the first ever title for the Catalan club.

Anderson Varejão in the NBA

Anderson Varejão. Anderson Varejão jogou na NBA por 12 temporadas seguidas.

After successful seasons playing in Barcelona, Anderson was drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2004. He played in Cleveland for 12 seasons along side some other great players, the most famous one, of course, was Lebron James. In his 13th season he moved to the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and that would be his last season in the US. Anderson didn’t win the NBA title during his time there, but was able to play some good matches together with his team mates. For a Brazilian player, being in the NBA is a huge accomplishment despite not winning any titles, as it’s really difficult to be drafted as a foreigner player. Let’s see a video with some highlights during his time there:

Coming back to Brazil in 2018 he played for Flamengo for one year and helped the carioca team win one national league title in the following year. Varejão has been a regular member of the senior Brazilian national team since 2001, winning a gold medal in 2003 at the Pan American Games and competing in every world cup between 2002 and 2019.

Curiosities about Varejão’s Career

  • He still has a strong friendship with Lebron James even after leaving Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • During one match, the Cavaliers’ fans did the wig night where everybody at the arena, including the comentators, wore wigs just like his hair.
  • Anderson finished his career playing for the team that he supports in basketball and also football, Flamengo.


That’s it, my friends! We learned a bit about the Brazilian basketball player Anderson Varejão. Stay tuned for more Dicas!

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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