Animal sounds in Portuguese

28 de June de 2013

Hi friends! Today, our Dica is about animal sounds in Portuguese.

Learning animal sounds in Portuguese

Today we are going to learn about the onomatopoeia of animals, that is to say, the animal sounds in Portuguese. We use onomatopoeia when we want to imitate sounds, and for that we use phonemes or words.

Did you know that some animal sounds vary depending on the language you are talking? For example, in Portuguese we say that dogs bark reproducing a sound likeΒ au au.Β But, in English the representation of the bark would be woof woof.Β It’s a very funny and interesting exercise to compare these sounds in many languages.

Now, let’s learn the animal sounds and how we write and say them in Portuguese:

Bee Bzzzzzzz
Birds Piu piu
Cat Miau
Cow Muuu
Cricket Cri cri
Dog Au au
Donkey I-Γ³
Duck QuΓ‘ quΓ‘/Quack quack
Frog Rabbit rabbit
Goat BeeeΓ©
Horse IiiiiiirrrrΓ­
Lion Roar
Mice Chip chip chip
Pig Oinc
Pigeons Pruuu pruu
Rooster CocorocΓ³/CocoricΓ³
Sheep MeeeΓ©
Snake Ssssssss
Turkey Glu glu glu
Wolf Auuuuu

Want to have fun while learning Portuguese? In our online group classes you can study with other students from all over the world! Imagine talking about animals and learning all the different sounds from many countries. It’s very funny and interesting. Trust me, been there, done that hahahaha!




Now, let’s practice your comprehension skills. Watch this video in Portuguese and if you need, activate the subtitles.

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Want to learn more about onomatopoeia? Read this Dica about the most used onomatopoeia in Portuguese! Let’s learn how to represent sounds even when we can’t reproduce them exactly hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed this Dica!
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