Anniversary of Rio de Janeiro

1 de March de 2017

Anniversary of Rio de Janeiro

Anniversary of Rio de Janeiro. Feliz aniversΓ‘rio Rio de Janeiro!
Let’s enjoy the holiday, my friends!
Today we are celebrating the anniversary of Rio de Janeiro and to celebrate, let’s learn a little more about this very special day.

Rio de Janeiro was founded on March 1st, 1565 by EstΓ‘cio de SΓ‘. Rio is one of the most important cities in Brazil and has become the capital of our country. If you want to know more about it see our Dica about the history of Rio de Janeiro.

Each year, the cariocasΒ celebrate a big party organized by the mayor’s office to celebrate the birthday and in the year 2015 the city of Rio de Janeiro won a gift. Have you ever heard of the Rio450 Tunnel? It starts at Porto Maravilha and its main function was to reduce the flow of cars in the center of Rio. It was a wonderful gift for the cariocas and to celebrate we prepared a big cake.

We’re not talking about any cake. It was made a cake 450 meters in length and for that it took 2.2 tons of flour, 1.9 tons of sugar and 3000 eggs. Can you eat something like that? Well, the cariocas ate.

AniversΓ‘rio do Rio de Janeiro. Os cariocas comeram todo o bolo!

Besides the cake, the city always celebrates its birthday with several different events like shows and theatrical presentations. And in your city? What date do you celebrate the city’s birthday? How do you celebrate it?

You can know much more about this Marvelous CityΒ with us here at Rio & Learn in our RioLIVE! activities.Β We wish you all a good holiday and a Happy Birthday to Rio de Janeiro!

A strong hug for everyone!
See you at next A Dica do Dia!

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