Aparecida Church in Brazil. Basílica de Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

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Aparecida Church in Brazil

Basílica de Nossa Senhora Aparecida (The Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida), mostly known as Aparecida Church is located in Aparecida do Norte, a small city in São Paulo. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida, as the Patroness of Brazil. It is the second largest church in the world, after St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

When you go to Aparecida do Norte you will notice that there are two main churches for Our Lady. The present church was constructed next to the old chapel which housed the statue found by three fishermen in the town of Guaratinguetá. It is said that those fishermen were trying to catch a large amount of fish and there were no fish in the water. They prayed for Our Lady Aparecida to help them and when they pulled the net back there was a statue of Our Lady in it. They then decided to build a church in her honor.

The first church has a colonial style and was built between 1834 and 1888. In 1955, Benedito Calixto began the construction on the new basilica and since then, people travel from all over the country to visit the place.

Brazilian religious customs

Today, October 12th is one of the days with the highest number of visitors in the church as it is a holiday in honor of Our Lady. People come to this church to make wishes and to fulfill their promises. Some of them walk on their knees from the old to the new church. It’s one of the ways to say thanks for having their wishes made true.

You’ll see lots of ribbons tied along the way that connects the two churches. It’s very common to tie a ribbon along the way and make a wish to Our Lady. Once your wish come true, the ribbon will break. Another common thing to do is lighting a candle. There is a special room inside the church in which you light your candle. It’s another way to say thanks for something that happened to you.

Even though you are not religious, Aparecida Church in Brazil is a beautiful place to visit and it has a huge impact in Brazilian culture.
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