Arpoador Beach

2 de October de 2018

Hey there! Are you hot? Well, in Rio you probably will be. And in a hot place, what’s better than a great beach with a great view? In our vídeo Dica today we’re refreshing at Arpoador Beach! Let’s stay together until the Arpoador sunset! 

Arpoador Beach

WOW! This amazing video just made me want go there RIGHT NOW! How about you?

But, before going to the beach, let’s learn about its history… Arpoador literally means harpoon thrower because in the past, it was common for whale hunting.

Arpoador Beach was the first beach in Brazil to have a woman wearing a Bikini, a German model called Miriam Etz did it back in 1948!

The main reason people visit Arpoador it’s for the rock formations, you can climb them and get amazing photos anywhere you look. That is because of the outstanding view that we have there. Check out some beautiful pictures that our students took there. 

Imagine learning Portuguese with this amazing view? We can do that in Rio & Learn! So come and have Portuguese classes in Rio with us!

Don’t know how to get there? Don’t worry, we have a map here for you! Arpoador Beach is between the neighborhoods of Ipanema and Copacabana, but it’s located at Ipanema.

Map of Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Surfer’s Beach

By having big waves, Arpoador Beach is also known as Surfer‘s beach, being the hotspot for surfing. So, if you like to surf or watch other people surfing, you must go there! You can surf watching the most incredible sunset (or sunrise, right?)

Clapping to the Sun at Arpoador Beach

Since the 60s, Cariocas have a tradition of clapping to the sun while it goes away at the end of the day, as a way of saying thanks for the incredible day. The Arpoador sunset is always AMAZING, you absolutely CAN’T miss it! This clapping moment is a very special moment that happens only at Arpoador Beach, most of the time.

Curiosities about Arpoador Beach

  • In the 50s, using bikinis wasnt normal like is is nowadays. So, the boldest women that wanted to use bikini went to Arpoador Beach, because the freedom there was bigger.
  • The renowed Circo Voador appeared there for the first time in 1982. It’s now located in Lapa.
  • This amazing beaching is refered to in the song Faz Parte do meu show by Cazuza and in the song Te ver by Skank.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, Praia and Pedra do Arpoador were frequented by upper-middle-class youth, and it was at this time that the sunset started to be applauded in the region.
  • There you can also find the Parque Garota de Ipanema named after the famous song Girl from Ipanema by Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim.

Arpoador’s Beach Vocabulary List

Refreshing Refrescando
Beach Praia
Harpoon Arpão
Thrower Lançador
Whale Baleia
Hunting Caçando
Bikini Biquíni
Rock Pedra
Climb Escalar
View Vista
Map Mapa
Waves Ondas
Surfer Surfista
Sunset Pôr do sol
Sunrise Amanhecer do sol
Clapping Batendo palma


That’s all for today, people!

You don’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting this beautiful landmark, right? So come with us in our RioLIVE! Sunset at Arpoador Beach, we promise you’ll LOVE IT! And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to check out more amazing places to visit!

Tchau tchau! 

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