Beautiful view at Forte de Copacabana.
Beautiful view at Forte de Copacabana.

Ieri siamo stati a visitare il Forte di Copacabana, camminando sul lungo mare delle spiagge, e successivamente a vedere il tramonto dalla Pedra do Arpoador, da cui inizia la spiaggia di Ipanema. E´ stato letteralmente fantastico!! Il paesaggio di Rio de Janeiro e´unico, e le attivita´ di Rio Live permettono di poter apprezzare o gli angoli migliori della cittá praticando portoghese! Non tornerei piú a casa :-)) Quero morar aqui!!!

Carla Viotto, Italy.

Sunset at Arpoador.
Sunset at Arpoador.

A meeting place used by Brazilians and foreigners, Pedra do Arpoador is one of the prettiest places in Rio de Janeiro. For our students Vicente and Marisol, this is the most amazing place in Rio de Janeiro. A good place to relax watching the sunset and talking in Portuguese. One good thing is that the weather was perfect too, sunny and no clouds in the sky.

But before going to Arpoador, we started our RioLIVE! at Forte de Copacabana, where we could know more about the Brazilian history and we had an amazing vire of the Copacabana beach. We took this moment to take many pictures. Our students also did a small review about the verbs that they learned during the morning classes.

In the end, after the sunset, everybody was satisfied with our wonderful afternoon. Come you too to take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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