Art and Nature at Catete Palace and Park

Catete palace with friends

The Catate palace was a beautiful place and we got to admire all of the art in each of the rooms as we walked through. I really enjoyed strolling through the park after because I got to hang out with the ducks and eat a coconut popsicle while chatting in portuguese with my classmates. I feel like we got to know each other a lot better and I took some great pictures. The scenery was truly beautiful and reminded me of how lucky and grateful I am to be in Rio and participate in group activities such as this one!

Avery Schroder, United States

Going to the Catete Palace and Park was an absolute blast! Exploring the palace, once the residence of a former president, was a mind-blowing experience for both first-timers and repeat visitors. And let’s not forget about the Catete Park – it was like stepping into a magical kingdom, complete with friendly critters in the lakes. It’s a fantastic chance to dive deeper into Brazil’s history and the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro.

happy to meet Catete

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