As beautiful as it gets!

Afternoon at Arpoador - RJ

Visiting the Arpoador yesterday was one of the best I’ve had in Rio de Janeiro. Although I’ve visited before, going now with my colleagues from Rio & Learn was even better because I was able to practise my Portuguese and meet new people. The first stop at the Copacabana Fort was wonderful, the exhibitions and the views were a good appetizer for the main event. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, a great way to spend an afternoon in Rio de Janeiro!

Amanda Baker, United States

Fortificação do Forte e Copacabana - RJ

Arpoador is as beautiful as it gets! One of the most popular places to enjoy and relax when visiting Rio de Janeiro. First of all, there’s nothing better than visiting the Copacabana Fort to see the sights and learn a bit about the city’s history in the exhibitions. Then just sit back and enjoy the sunset with a beer at Pedra do Arpoador and speaking Portuguese with your friends from school. As beautiful as it gets!

Arpoador with friends

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