At the foot of Sugarloaf there’s Urca

At the foot of Sugarloaf there's Urca.
At the foot of Sugarloaf there's Urca.
At the foot of Sugarloaf there’s Urca.

A group of students went to Praia Vermelha yesterday. After a quick swim, the peacefulness of this beach put most of us in nap mode. Then we picked up some snacks for walking around Urca, enjoying the views of towards Botafogo/Flamengo and finally sitting on the water to enjoy an Original…bem gelada.

Christopher Yu, United States of America

The hottest day of the year makes you want to swim.

November 16th was marked as the hottest day of the year in Rio. So, there’s nothing better than a swim and a cold beer. That’s what we did in RioLIVE! Urca. At the foot of Sugarloaf there’s Urca and it has a lot to offer to tourists. We began by sunbathing and enjoying the fresh and cold waters of Praia Vermelha, located right next to Surgaloaf mountain, and started a tour through the main streets of Urca bordering along the main wall that offers a stunning view of Botafogo and Flamengo shoreline. At the end of the wall, there’s a bar with no tables. Where do people have their drinks? Sitting on the wall (we call it Mureta da Urca). That’s how our day ended… with a cold beer and a nice chat. Join us next time on this adventure!

That’s where we sat to have our cold beer.

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