Athletics in Portuguese

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We are just a few days away from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and we are gonna run after a lot of medals. Talking about running, today we’ll learn about the athletics in Portuguese. Let’s take a look at the different styles and modalities.

Styles and Modalities

Athletics in Portuguese. Os 100 metros rasos: The 100-meter dash.

Athletics in Portuguese. Os 200 metros rasos: The 200 meters.

Styles and modalities of athletism. Os 400 metros rasos: The 400-meter dash.

Styles and modalities of athletism. Os 800 metros rasos: The 800 meters.

Os 1500 metros rasos: The 1500 meter run.

Os 10000 metros: The 10000 meter run.

Os 110 metros com barreiras é uma prova masculina. The 110-meter hurdles is an event for men.

Os 100 metros com barreiras é uma prova feminina: The 100-meter hurdles is an event for women.

Os 3000 metros com obstáculos: The 3000 meters steeplechase.

Olympic track and field evente. O revesamento 4x100: The 4x100 meters relay.

O revesamento 4x400: The 4x400 meters relay.

Olympic street event. A maratona: The marathon.

A marcha atlética: The racewalking.

Olympic field event. O salto em distância: The long Jump.

O salto triplo: The triple jump.

O salto em altura: The high jump.

O salto com vara: The pole vault.

O arremesso de dardo: The javalin throw.

O arremesso de peso: The shot put.

O arremesso de martelo: The hammer throw.

Track and field combined event. O heptatlo: The heptathlon.

Track and field combined event. O decatlo: The decathlon.

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Os 100 metros rasos
Os 110 metros com barreiras (masculino)
Os 100 metros com barreiras (feminino)
Os 200 metros rasos
Os 400 metros rasos
Os 400 metros com barreiras
Os 800 metros rasos
O revesamento 4×100
O revesamento 4×400
Os 1500 metros
Os 3000 metros com obstáculos
Os 5000 metros
Os 10000 metros
A maratona
A marcha atlética
O salto em distância
O salto triplo
O salto em altura
O salto com vara
O arremesso de dardo
O arremesso de peso
O arremesso de martelo
O decatlo
O heptatlo
The 100-meter dash
The 110-meter hurdles (men)
The 100-meter hurdles (women)
The 200 meters
The 400-meter dash
The 400-meter hurdles
The 4×100 meters relay
The 4×400 meters relay
The 800 meters

The 1500-meter run
The 3000 meters steeplechase
The 5000 meter run
The 10000 meter run
The marathon
The racewalking
The long jump
The triple jump
The high jump
The pole vault
The javelin throw
The shot put
The hammer throw
The decathlon
The heptathlon

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