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Spanish Marketing Coordinator at Rio & Learn Portuguese School. Originally from Spain, Arantxa traveled extensively around the world until she arrived in Brazil, where she decided to settle because she fell in love... with the country, the language, the culture, the people and our school. Arantxa holds an MBA in Business and has over 6 years of experience in marketing roles.
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Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa

Hey folks! What’s up, Digital Nomad crew? Ready to take your remote work game to the next level? Well, pack your bags, because Brazil is calling your name with the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa! So, picture this: trading your morning commute for working in your pajamas (admit it, we’ve all been there with the shirt-and-PJs combo for Zoom calls!), or setting up your office in a cozy café overlooking Rio’s beaches, or even from a hotel room deep in the Amazon rainforest. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s totally doable now with Brazil’s Digital Nomad Visa. Today we are going to focus on the requirements and application process, as well as the associated taxes, of the Digital Nomad Visa Brazil! Brazil Digital Nomad Visa Application Since January 2022, Brazil has been welcoming remote workers with open arms through Resolution 45/2021, offering a special visa just for digital nomads. But what’s the catch? Well, you must meet a few requirements: you must be a professional immigrant with a relationship with a foreign employer who works remotely using information technology! You must also have a minimum monthly income of USD 1,500.00 (US dollars) or bank funds of at least USD 18,000.00 (US dollars) and present a series of translated documents! Today, we’re all about the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa. Get this: you can chill in Brazil for a year, exploring every corner of this vibrant country. And guess what? You can renew it for another year too! Plus, with this visa, you can dive into our culture and language by taking classes at our school. Because let’s face it, even if you’re rocking your job in your native language, you’ll want to soak up Brazilian life, right? And hey, we’ve got tons of daily tips in our A Dica do Dia to help you navigate the Brazilian way of life. Oh, and did we mention we’ve got Portuguese classes tailored just for you? Whether you’re in Rio or traveling around Brazil, we’ve got in-person and online options to suit your nomadic lifestyle. A few hours of Portuguese lessons per week can really amp up your Brazil experience to a solid 10! So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa. It’s pretty clear: Brazil is where it’s at for digital nomads! Remember, the main requirement is having a gig with a foreign employer, working remotely, and meeting certain income criteria. Easy peasy, right? Check out this useful infographic from the Brazilian government to find out how to get started. Brazil Digital Nomad Visa Requirements What else do you need to do? (Digital Nomad Visa, Brazil application) I – Fill out and submit the Residence Permit Application form, as detailed in Annex I, signed by the applicant or their legal representative II – Provide a valid travel document or any other document verifying your identity and nationality, in accordance with relevant treaties. III – Present documentation verifying affiliation, duly legalized and translated by a sworn public translator if necessary, unless such information is already included in the document referenced in item II IV – Submit a power of attorney if the applicant is represented by a proxy. V – Complete the Union Collection Form – GRU Simples, for the processing and assessment fee for residence permit applications, with supporting proof of payment VI – Provide criminal record certificates or an equivalent document issued by the competent judicial authority from all places of residence within the last five years. VII – Submit a declaration, under penalty of law, confirming the absence of a criminal record in any country during the five years preceding the residence permit application VIII – Provide documents substantiating your status as a digital nomad. Important! All documents must be translated into Portuguese, some requiring simple translations while others need sworn translations. Did you know that at Rio & Learn, we have teachers who specialize in professional translations? Feel free to reach out to us! The Hague Apostille is a critical requirement for the Digital Nomad Visa. This seal authenticates documents for international use. Each country has its process for issuing the Hague Apostille, so ensure compliance with your country’s requirements before applying for the visa. Search online for how to obtain it in your country! Prove you are a Digital Nomad So… how can you prove that you are a digital nomad? The last requirement on the list… easy! You will need: I – A self-declaration from the applicant confirming their ability to carry out professional activities remotely using information and communication technologies (ICT). II – An employment or service contract, or other documents proving the relationship with a foreign employer. III – Evidence of financial means from a foreign source, totaling at least US$ 1,500.00 monthly or having bank funds of at least US$ 18,000.00. All documentation must be submitted via MIGRANTEWEB, where you must register your process. Would you like us to guide you through the registration process? You’ll need a Brazilian telephone number and your CPF… Simple procedures that we assist our foreign students with every week. Rio & Learn not only teaches you Portuguese but also becomes your family and friends in Rio de Janeiro! Whenever we have the answers, we’re here to help you! After gathering and translating all documents, submit them online through your registered process in MIGRANTEWEB, and… done! Be prepared for a 1-2 month response time; they may accept your application outright or issue up to 2 requests for additional or clearer documentation. Bureaucracy, right?! Just be patient and persistent! After Approval FINALLY! Your Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa is approved, and it will be published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU), yay! Let’s celebrate. But not too long! You have 30 days to complete your biometrics and apply for your CRNM (National Migratory Registration Card) here: No worries, just fill out this form to schedule your appointment with the Federal Police of your residing state (get an appointment here:, and bring with you: