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Igor Severo

I am a seasoned Academic Coordinator specializing in Portuguese language education for foreigners. With over 15 years of experience as a Teacher and Coordinator, my expertise lies in innovative curriculum development, content creation, and team leadership, managing a diverse group of language teachers. I excel in designing educational materials for blogs and online platforms, enhancing the Portuguese learning experience. These resources help students grasp practical language skills and cultural insights, making learning effective and engaging. At Rio & Learn I became an expert in learning experiences for students globally, fostering effective and engaging Portuguese language acquisition. As a leader, I nurture innovation in teaching and content delivery, ensuring accessibility and relevance in our digital age.
Fun night at Lapa - RJ

Lapa Nightlife

Meeting at 20:00hs at Rio & LearnCosts: 7,50 reais (metro) + Drinks and food (dinner) at your choice Lapa Nightlife is a great way to

Beautiful View in Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa

Meeting 13:15h at Rio & LearnCost of the activity: 7,50 reais (metro) + 20,00 reais bonde de Santa Teresa (historical tram) + 40 to 60

Confeitaria Colombo. Portuguese students having fun at Confeitaria Colombo.

Confeitaria Colombo

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & LearnCost of the activity: 7,50 reais (metro ticket) + sweets One of the most beautiful buildings in Rio de Janeiro is

Botafogo Beach. Walking and Visiting Botafogo Beach

Botafogo Beach

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & LearnCosts: R$ 7,50 reais (Metrô) Hi everyone! Have you ever been to Praia de Botafogo? It is one of the